1550nm Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier ( Outdoor Model)


  • Good water-proof performance, power supply 220V,60V and -48V for the user’s choice.
  • Adopting aluminum die casting to keep the good performance of cooling, electric conduction and anti-corrosion. Also inside of the housing there is also an iron box to protect the pump laser. All the parts adopt the material of anti high temperature and anti low temperature to make the machine can work -45℃~85℃.
  • RJ45 port for SNMP remote management.
  • RS232 for local management.
  • Adopts JDSU, Fitel andⅡ-Ⅵ Pump laser.
  • Stability, VFD or LED displays the working conditions, good trouble alarm system.
  • Power supply 90V~265VAC or -48V DC for the user’s choice.