1550nm External Modulation Optical Transmitter


  • Output from 3dBm~10dBm, and single or dual out for the user’s choice.
  • Original external modulator and laser from US or Japan
  • Good parameter in CTB, CTN and C/N
  • Adjustable SBS in 13,16, 19,step 0.1dB.
  • AGC and MGC control.
  • Hot-plug dual power supply . Automatically shell temperature control.
  • RS232 and RJ 45 for local and remote management.

 Products Series

  • OTTx1550-1×5 (one output,≥5dBm)
  • OTTx1550-1×6 (one output,≥6dBm)
  • OTTx1550-1×7 (one output,≥7dBm)
  • OTTx1550-1×8 (one output,≥8dBm)
  • OTTx1550-1×9 (one output,≥9dBm)
  • OTTx1550-2×5 (two outputs,≥5dBm)
  • OTTx1550-2×6 (two outputs,≥6dBm)
  • OTTx1550-2×7 (two outputs, ≥7dBm)
  • OTTx-1550-2×8 (two outputs,≥8dBm)
  • OTTx-1550-2×9(two outputs,≥9dBm)
  • OTTx-1550-2×10(two outputs,≥10dBm)





Optical Parameters Wavelength(nm) 1550±10
Laser DFB
Modulation Way External
Output Power (dBm) 2×7 1×3~1×10


Optical Return Loss(dB) ≥60
Optical Connector FC/APC SC/APC
RF Parameters

Bandwidth(MHz) 47-1000
Input Level   (dBμV) 83±5 AGC
Flatness(dB) ≤±0.75 47~1000MHz
Return Loss      (dB) >16 47~1000MHz

Input Impedance    (Ω)

Link Parameters

CNR  (dB) ≥52
CTB  (dB) ≥65
CSO (dB) ≥65
SBS  (dBm) 13、16、19 adjustable Step 0.1dB

General Parameter

Network Management Port RJ45,R232
Power Supply (V) 90~265AC -48VDC
Power Consumption  (W) ≤50
Working Temp     (℃) -5~55 Auto shell temp control


Relative Humidity 20%~85%
Size      (″) 19″×11″×1.75″ 483(W)x381(D)x44(H)