1550nm Gain Flat Fiber Amplifier

1550nm-gain-flat-fiber-amplifier•  The flatness of traditional EDFA limits the application of EDFA in multi-wavelength transmission. This product adopts special APC and ATC circuit to make sure it can amplify 40 wavelength at the same, but keep the flatness.

•  This product can applied in DWDM, IPQM and VOD system.

•  It provides RF 45 port for SNMP and RS 232 for local management.

•  The laser used is JDSU,Ⅱ-Ⅵ and Fitel of Japan and the fiber used is OFS.

•  VFD or LED displays the working condition the machine.


Output Power(dBm) 14~27
Gain Flatness(dB) ≤±1.0
Input power(dBm) 0~10
Wavelength  (nm) 1540~1560
Output power stability (dB) <±0.2
Bias oscillation sensitivity(dB) <0.2
Bias oscillation dispersion(PS) <0.5
Optical return loss(dB) >40
Fiber connector FC/APC、SC/APC
Noise ratio (dB) <5.0(0dBm optical input)
connector RS232 orRS485
Power loss (W) 50
Working Voltage  (V) 220V(110~240)、DC-48V
Working Temp (℃) 0~40
Storage Temp (℃) -25~+65
size   (mm) 19″×15″×1.75″