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B 1550nm Optical External Transmitter

TLM1550-EM20 series optical transmitter adopt top-international brand external modulated laser and external modulator, Prevail patent pre-distortion circuit and SBS control circuit. Overall indexes reach to well-known brand types level, and price is inexpensive.We have sold thousands of products over the years.The products save plenty of costs for operator’s network construction and get many users’ good reputation.

1.3 Features

◆ This 1550nm optical transmitter can be used in long-distance transmission.
◆ Double microwave source SBS control, +13~+19dBm adjustable, 0.5dB step.
◆ Adopt the DFB laser and LiNbO3 external modulator.
◆ support Ethernet transpo

  • B 1550nm Transmitter

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