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FTTH Optical Receiver with Filter TLMOR21039D

  • TLMOR21039D FTTH Optical Receiver with Filter


Fiber to the home (FTTH) is the ultimate development goal of broadband access, and the TLMOR21039D mini optical receiver is the end product to meet this goal. This machine adopts low-power light receiving technology to meet the needs of FTTH fiber-to-the-home CATV reception. The machine is also equipped with an optical power receiving and monitoring normal LED indicator on the panel for user convenience.  "D" is a filter type optical receiver.

FTTH Reciver

2. Main Technical Parameters




Working Wavelength



Optical Receiving Power Range



Optical Reflection Loss


≥50(SC/APC Optical Connector)

Adjacent Channel Irregularity


≤0.5(Frequency Range 87~1000MHz)

Output Level RF


≥82±1(-12~-2dBm Receiving)

Reflection Loss



RF Output Impedance


75(RF Output Port SI F-Base)

Equivalent Input Noise Current



MER(Closed Equilibrium)


≥25(64QAM) ≥31(256QAM)

-12dBmreceiving, optical link 94 digital channels

MER(Open Equilibrium)


≥32(64QAM) ≥34(256QAM)




measure at least 100bits



≥44/≥58/≥58(-9dBm/ Nominal Level)

Power Supply/ Consumption


External AC90~255V→DC5/≤2

Working/Storage Temperarure


Structure Size



3. Direction for Use

3.1 Power Input :TLMOR21039D is the external power supply input port, First should be the DC+5V external voltage stabilizer output line connected to the machine POWER IN,than put DC+5V external mano-stat insert 100/240 V,DC5V Face posted power light, show Power part is regular work.

3.2 Optical Input :TLMOR21039D is input interface of optical signal,In optical access should be clean APC TOP use alcohol ,than align adapter sunken mouth、fiber mouth march link;When light signal access, face OPTICAL(≥-15dBm)light,show Power part is regular work;TLMOR21039D receive 1550nm wavelength optical signal only.

3.3 RF Output Level Adjustment :TLMOR21039D is RF output port,please use level table testing before using if possible. level also down, means optical signal 1dB, RF2dB. it is RF Output level decay, quantity has transferred to the minimum.When the output level and the design requirements has any deviation,Can adjust the attenuation amount, with the design requirements.

4. Install & Test Matters Need Attention

1. This machine is an indoor structure and should not be used in places that are easily invaded by rainwater; it should have proper space in the indoor box to facilitate heat dissipation; the shielding net of the output cable must be grounded, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4Ω.

2. The pigtail input and cable output must be reserved for a certain length to avoid accidents. If the optical interface is not used, please do not remove the seal. The machine is equipped with: SC/APC. When connecting, it is better to use the same specification. Connector, do not use different types of joints.

3. The local RF output is directly connected to the user branch or distributor. The branch and distributor output null terminals must be connected with a 75Ω dummy load. Otherwise, the set-top box will cause mosaic due to the input impedance

5. Accessory

1. Outlay Power Supply AC220V/DC5V 500mA  1PCS

2. Certificate:(Attached to this Manual)