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Fiber optic mini PLC splitter

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The fiber optic PLC splitter is one of the most important passive devices in the optical fiber link.

Fiber optic PLC splitter is based on a quartz substrate integrated wave guide optical power distribution device, has the advantages of:
1. Fiber optic PLC splitter must pass the test and only if it has excellent test performance can it leaves TUOLIMA.If you have special requirements, such as insertion loss, TUOLIMA can customize;
2.The larger the order is, the more discounts can be given;
3. The carton packaging of the fiber optic PLC splitter is specially designed. 2pcs/box is available if needed to reduce the volume and shipping cost;
4.You can choose to buy fiber optical distribution box with plc splitter already installed inside. Installation is free of charge;
5.PLC splitter is in stock so lead time is fast.

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