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PA-1000/1500 ADSS Anchoring Clamp

For tension of LV ABC cables in an insulated messenger wire system (IMWS). Suitable for every climatic conditions. These clamps are easy to install without tools and suitable for various climatic conditions.
>The body is made of aluminum alloy
>The cleats are made of UV resistant synthetic material. They are captive.
>The stainless steel flexible linking cable is captive.It is equipped with a resistant,insulated and movable saddle.
>Fixing the insulated neutral messenger is ensured by cleats without damaging the insulation.
Wedges are opened and messenger is installed between wedges. Then wedges are pushed back to tighten them on messenger. When needed, bail can be opened by moving one of end pieces about 10 cm out of the clamp. After installing the bail through bracket must both aluminium pieces on the bail be assembled back inside the groove.
For dead-ending of cables with round shape.
Tension clamp for anchoring insulated messenger wire system.
  • PA-1000/1500
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