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S-hook FTTH Cable Tension Clamp

S hook type cable clamp is tension clamp for FTTH drop cable. The drop wire clamp is to connect a triplex overhead entrance cable to a devices or buildings.Widely used both indoor installation and outdoor installation.Provided with a serrated shim to increase hold on drop wire. Used to support  one and two pair  telephone drop wire at span clamps,drive hooks, and various drop attachments.  The s hook drop wire clamps can withstand the rigors of all environmental conditions in the telecommunications outside plant. The placement of slots and a hole in the clamp’s inner wedges allow for proper cable slack adjustment, tensioning and assistance with re-entry.
The drop wire clamp is composed of a mandrel shaped body and an opened bail that can be locked into the clamp body. It is made out of UV resistant nylon and steel.
TUOLIMA offer this tension clamp with appropriate fish type, S-type and other FTTH clamps.
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