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TLMOR21020R FTTB Optical Receiver Node

FTTB Optical Receiver is designed as a low power optical receiving device for adapting “Fiber To The Building” (FTTB). This device adopts high sensitive optical phototube, low noise gallium arsenide amplifier chip in preposition and gallium arsenide push-pull amplifier circuit in last stage which provides maximum output level over 2×100dBuV. Additionally, high-precision lightning-protection anti-surge linear power supply, AGC automatic output level control and digital display of optical receiving and RF output level are configured in this device. Due to the superior performance of main material and well-designed circuit, it guarantees the performance index and better reliability of this complete device. Moreover, optional network management transponder which supports WEB and HFC network management monitoring and duplexer are added into this device in order to resolve the problem of operator device management or EOC plug in.
  • TLMOR21020R FTTB Optical Receiver Node
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