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TLMOR21030D Optical Passive Receiver with Filter

TLMOR21030D is a new and practical product developed for the special needs of the cable TV industry. It caters to the passive terminal receiving equipment of the all-optical network transmission fiber-to-the-home, and successfully realizes the wired analog/digital TV signal to the home. The plug-and-play is extremely convenient to use, and the external power supply is not required to be safe and energy-saving. The machine adopts high-sensitivity light-receiving tube, which converts 47dBuv wired analog level (digital level 39dBuv) at -9dBm reception. It requires no power supply and no power consumption. It is economical and flexible. It is suitable for remote mountain villages, greenhouses and other places. Fiber-to-the-home applications in television networks. The suffix D is a filter type specification, and is received at 1540 to 1565 nm.
  • TLMOR21030D Optical Passive Receiver with Filter