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TLMOR21030W Optical Receiver with WDM

TLMOR21030W is a novel and practical product developed for the special needs of the cable TV industry. It caters to the passive terminal receiving equipment of all-optical network transmission fiber to home fiber and three waves, and successfully realizes cable analog/digital TV signal reception and digital optical communication network data conversion, plug and play is very convenient to use, without external power source safety and energy saving. This machine USES the high sensitivity photocell with WDM, when receiving in -9dbm conversion 50dBuv cable analog level (digital level 42dBuv), no power supply, no power consumption, both economical and flexible, suitable for one fiber three wave optical transmission system application, not only can receive CATV optical transmission signal, at the same time transfer PON signal and E/GPON ONU connection.
  • TLMOR21030W Optical Receiver with WDM