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TUOLIMA Brand Capacity

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If you have realized the history of Tuolima brand, you should know that we transformed from CATV to FTTH in 2012. In the same year, we established the third factory for FTTH passive products, such as fiber splice closures, fiber distribution boxes, ODF, outdoor and indoor metal cabinets.


As FTTH develops gradually, we have enlarged this factory area to over 10,000 square meters where we have 15 pieces injection machines, 1 piece laser cutting machine imported from Germany, punching machines, bending machines, and test machines like anti-UV test machine, temperature test machine, IP68 test machine, and salt spray test machine.


We have more than 150 employees and 3 production lines and 1 assembly line in the third factory for FTTH passive products which can help produce 5000 pieces fiber distribution boxes or 2000 pieces fiber splice closures every day.


This is an important transition of Tuolima brand from CATV to FTTH, and this is also a key step to introduce Tuolima brand to the whole world.

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