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TUOLIMA Brand Premium

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If you choose Tuolima, you will get much advantage from our brand, this is Tuolima Brand Premium.


1. Offer One-stop Service

For distributors, you will prefer to find a reliable, loyal and powerful supplier who can provide various fiber optic equipment. Tuolima has established our own factories for FTTH box and accessories, fiber optic cable, CATV equipment, we also embrace some strategic partners in Telecommunication field who can support us other test equipment and PON products. The whole and complete system can help save purchasing cost on freight and customs tax.


2. Products Quality Commitment

Tuolima takes very strict quality control system on products. From raw materials purchase to production, every step will have 3 times quality test which will decline the risk to have quality problem to a large extent. In addition, Tuolima takes commitment to every customer that if your profit has been damaged by inferior products from us with a tiny possibility, we will investigate the causes, report to our manage department, and discuss the best solution and compensation to customers within the shortest time. 

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