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The Staged Success of TUOLIMA Brand Popularization

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TUOLIMA has been embarked on brand popularization since 2003. We firmly believe that only a company that dares to promote its own brand that truly has product confidence and a clear understanding of its mission. Because TUOLIMA is gradually becoming an corporate image that always reminds us to devote ourselves to developing high-quality products and good services.

At present, TUOLIMA brand has been widely acclaimed in various countries' markets, and has smoothly cooperated with lots of national Telecom Companies, such as Singtel (in Singapore), CNT (in Ecuador), CAT (in Thailand), Telefónica (in Spain), etc. At the same time, TUOLIMA brand has also been successfully recognized by large operators in plenty of countries, such as European, South American, South African, Kenyan Operators and etc.

So far, TUOLIMA brand promotion road has achieved a phased victory. Our vision is not only sell products, but also achieve mutual growth.

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