Ethernet Switch


Ethernet switch, 4~24 100Base-SX/LX/T ports (4 ports is one cell), and two gigabit expansion slots for both fiber and copper cabling switch VLAN, trunk, layer 2/3 wire-speed forwarding, manage by SNMP, TELNET and WEB, internal power: AC90~264V(power cord with EURO (2 pole with GND) or USA standard plug (3 pole)), 443*280*66.7mm.


• All ports support wire speed forwarding
• 15.2 Gbps switching capacity
• 6.6 Mpps Layer 2/3 wire-speed forwarding
• Support for flexible queue scheduling algorithms, i.e. Strict Priority (SP), Weighted Round Robin (WRR), and SP+WRR; 8 priority queues
• Support for intelligent Layer 2-7 flow classification
• Support for IEEE 802.1p TOS and DiffServ Code Point