Anchor & Suspension BRACKETS



The universal bracket TK-OK-01 is made from galvanized steel by cold stamping production method. Also called FTTH hook (pole bracket for FTTH).

Can be attached on wooden, metal, concrete poles or buildings by stainless steel strap or bolts. Galvanized materials guarantee long time of usage. Fixed by stainless steel band (20-10 mm) or 4 bolts up to 4 mm diameter.

Optical fiber fixation hook apply with tension installing on dead end route. Fiber optic bracket TK-OK-01 allows withstand with small load with anchor clamp. Usually applied for anchoring FTTH cable, drop wire of different diameters and spans.

TUOLIMA offer this FTTH bracket with appropriate dead-end anchor FTTH ODWAC clamp, S-type, ACC

All the assemblies passed the tensile tests, operation experience with temperatures ranging from – 60 °C up to +60 °C test, temperature-cycling test.

Materials: Galvanized steel

MODEL MBL, kN Weight, kg
TK-OK-01 1.5 0.11