Stainless Steel Bandings

Stainless Steel Straps


The stainless steel banding can guarantee extended service life; and attaching under significant mechanical loads. Minimal breaking load is also different depends on the grade of steel. TUOLIMA’ s stainless steel straps are available in different sizes to assist your strapping needs of securing with heavy loads.

Stainless steel strapping has different sizes, most common are:

  • width from 6,4 to 20 mm
  • thickness from 0,4 to 0,75 mm
  • length from 30,5 meters to 50 meters

Packing methods are

  • in carton roll
  • plastic dispenser with carrying handle

Company logo and stainless steel band type can be marked on band itself

For ex., the basic package of banding accessories to fixate overhead fiber optic cable accessories to pole includes:

  • Stainless steel band
  • The tool for tightening band
  • Buckles or clips


  • Cut the stainless steel strap with needed length by strap banding tool
  • Put on it the stainless steel buckle
  • Fix the strap by moving the strap banding tool wheel, then cut the band.
MODEL Width Thikness Length for roll, m
C201 1/4“ – 6,4 mm 0.015″ – 0,40 mm 20mm*0.7mm*50m
C202 3/8“ – 9,5 mm 0.020″ – 0,50 mm 20mm*0.7mm*50m
C304 1/2“ – 12,7 mm 0.025″ – 0,64 mm 20mm*0.7mm*50m