Suspension Clamps FOR FIGURE-8 CABLE



Suspension clamps TSSA designed to suspend optical fiber figure-8 cables during construction of transmission line. The applicable messengers of fiber cable for this accessory can made of steel, FRP, Kevlar, AAC.

The clamp consists of plastic insert, which clamp the optical cable without damaging. The insert is double sided which helps to clamp a wider range of messenger diameters.

This fiber optic accessory used on straight routes of optical fiber cable.

The optical cable does not slips from the clamp if needed mechanical strength was reached. This achieved by reinforced metal plates and reinforced plastic materials.


The metal plates of  TSSA suspension clamp allows installation on the poles (concrete, wooden, metal) by using stainless steel strap and pigtail hook, bolt or brackets. Steel plate, hardware of optical fiber clamp can be produced form stainless steel materials according to you request.


MODEL Messenger diameter

over insulation, mm

MBL, kN Weight, kg
TSSA 4-5/5-9 8 0.19