Optical Receiver with RP


Optical receiver with return path, 2-port output, E-O PD, low noise transistor, 5-65/200MHz, imperial F type female port, FC/APC or SC/APC connector, rated output level – 90dBuV (input optical power – 8dBm), 19″ 1U standard framework?AC220V (power cord with EURO (2 pole with GND) or USA standard plug (3 pole)) or DC48V.


• Pin-diode receiving module( E-O or Ortel ).
• Wide range of optical input power.
• Frequency range 5 ~ 200MHz.
• Low distortion, high sensitive.
• Low noise, high S/N ratio.
• VFD, 19” 1U standard framework, RS-485 RS-232 port.


• Telecommunications
• Local area network