Optical Passive Series

Fiber Optic Patch Cord/ Pigtail/ Adaptor

Fiber optic patch cord is a fiber cable assembly that connects two ends terminated and ready for installation. There is another type of fiber cable assembly called a pigtail. It is a short optical fiber permanently attached to a source, detector, or other fiber optic device at one end and an optical connector at the other. Pigtails are particularly used for optical device connectivity. Common types of fiber optic patch cord include FC, LC, MT-RJ, MU, SC, and ST. Fiber applications for fiber optic connectors can be single mode or multi mode. Fiber types for fiber optic patch cord can include simplex, duplex, and multi-fiber. Maximum cable diameter and insertion loss are also important parameters to consider. Insertion loss is a measure of the attenuation of a device by determining the output of a system before and after the device is inserted into the system. For example, a patch cord causes insertion loss across the interconnection (in comparison to a continuous cable with no interconnection).