Optical Passive Series

Fiber Optic Splice Unit

Fiber optic splice unit comprises fiber optic closure, fiber optic termination box, fiber optic distribution box. Fiber optic closures are made of high-strength industrial plastics. They are injected with inhibitors and gained high mechanical strength and high anti-corrosiveness. The open-type closure and the canister-type closure fit the direct connection of overhead mode, pipe mode, hanging mode and burying mode. Fiber optic closures can be horizontal or vertical, arc or dome types. Fiber optic termination box makes it possible to customize cable to specific lengths and for specific usage. Fiber optic cables are typically terminated by using connectors to couple the cable to network devices. Fiber optic connectors are specifically designed to limit light loss and provide a secure connection to a device. The most common fiber optic termination connectors have a bayonet mount and a cylindrical ferrule to hold the fiber in place. Fiber optic distribution unit is a kind of fiber optical equipment particularly used for fiber optical transmission room. It supports stable fiber, protection, cable terminal capability, transfer lines and to provide protection for the fiber-core and the pigtail. The equipment is made up of trays and sub-rack. Users are based on the actual demand for matching the number of modules or module specifications.