Fiber Optic Closure


Fiber Closure, Fiber Optic Splice ClosureFiber optic splice closure, up-down bisection, arc, horizontal type splice closure, innovative insert plates and fixing bolts are used to fix and seal FOSC, 8 fiber cable inlet or outlet ports, max 8 trays for bunch or 8 trays for ribbon fiber. For bunch fiber – 002 tray(160*125mm) with 12 pcs of bunchy heat shrinkable protective sleeves, with wall mounting bracket or aerial mounting bracket (price for bunch fiber, with 2 trays, total 24 cores).


• Up-down bisection,horizontal type
• 6 pcs inlet/outlet
• 48~96 cores total capacity
• Slide-in-lock design,over 90 opening angle tray
• Elastic integrated seal ensure tightening fit
• Housing provide fire resistant,waterproof,and quakeproof for splices while handing
• Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +65C


• Installation:aerial,underground,wall,hand-hole and duct-mounting