Fiber Optic Distribution Box


Fiber Optic Distribution Box FODB-SMC16Optic fiber boxes is applicable PLC coupler to a terminal access links FTTH access system. It is especially for connecting and protection for fiber cable of FTTH. This terminal box applies to the communications room and various network room wall installation or desktop installation.

Fiber Optic Distribution Box FODB-AS16 Feature

•  The design of the two-tier structure, the upper wiring layer optical splitter, lower for fiber splicing layer;

•  Optical splitter module drawer modular design with a high degree of interchangeability and versatility;

•  The fiber optic cable to enter the number of: 1 x 2 root (lower into the cable); The FTTH fibers enter the number of: 8 x 4 root (under into the fiber);

•  1PC panel can hold 24adapters or 1*16Insert PLC;

•  Box made of SMC material.

Fiber Optic Distribution Box FODB-AS16 StructureFiber-Optic-Distribution-Box-FODB_AS32

Fiber Optic Distribution Box FODB-AS16 General

•  Relative Humidity: ≤95%(+40℃);

•  Operating Temperature: -40℃~+60℃;

•  Dimension: 382mm×292mm×100mm

Fiber Optic Distribution Box FODB-AS16 Application

•  Installation:Wall mounting ,Pole mounting

 Fiber Optic Distribution Box FODB-AS16 Accessories

•  Cabinet keys; Plastic expansion screw, Self-tapping screws; hose clamps, shrinkable sleeves, etc.