Optical Switch

1 .With both auto and manual function
In auto working condition, the default main input is input 1 and input 2 for backup. Once
there is a failure or the optical power is lower than the set value, it will switch to the backup line,
after the main line return to work, it will switch to main line automatically. When the machine is
in manual, it can switch to main or backup line. The defaut condition in the first is in auto.
2 .With Power cut protection function
When the optical switch fails or power cut, it will continue to work in the working line to
make sure the network not cut
3 .Dual plug-in power supply
If one power supply fails, the operator can change the power supply in working
condition, no need to open the machine.
4 .Switch power range can be changed
The operator can change the switch power supply range by button or by SNMP
5 .It can work in range -15 ~+24dBm
6 .RJ45 port for http management

Optical Switch-2