Raman Fiber Amplifier


  • Raman fiber amplifier can amplify the signal in the whole wavelength. With the rapid development of super high-capacity system, the wavelength extend from C to L. and only EDFA can’t not meet the request of the whole wavelength, and the RF can keep the flatness of gain and noise in 1526 〜 1610nm through the choice the pump laser wavelength to improve the multiplex of fiber and the capacity of networks, but with very low noise figure.
  • This model is especially designed for no distance transmission. In the condition of long distance transmission but without middle relay station, Raman Fiber Amplifier is the best choice.
  • With standard RJ 45 port for SNMP system.
  • Adopts JDSU or Fitel pump laser.
  • RS232 or RS 485 port for local management. 6. VFD or LED displays the working condition.
  • Power supply 90V~265VAC or -48V DC for the user’s choice.